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Author Topic: Fruits And Vegetables A Healthy Choice  (Read 7552 times)

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Fruits And Vegetables A Healthy Choice
« on: July 24, 2019, 05:33:09 AM »

Most people know that eating fruits and vegetable are good for your health. Yet many people still donít eat enough of fruits and vegetables. Experts say that everyone should get at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Increasing your vegetable and fruit intake will boost your health, you can also lose weight.

You might think 5 serving or even 9 serving is a lot to ask for. But you should still try your best to achieve the goal because after all you are doing if for yourself and your loved ones. Here is list of things you can eat for 1 serving to help you out.

A medium fruit or vegetable, for example an orange, apple or banana will be one serving. So will two small fruits, such as kiwi or plums. Ĺ cup of fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. Ĺ cup of 100% juice will do the trick as well. And other options could be ľ cup of dried fruit or a cup of green salad. These are ides that will get you started.

Many studies have proven that a diet full of fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of some cancers, heart disease and other chronic diseases and conditions.

Antioxidant vitamins can be found in many fruits and vegetables, such as vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. Not only that, but fruits are also a source of dietary fibre.

Many people may not know but not only do citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits have a great source of vitamin C, they are also a good source for fibre.

The list goes on and on for the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables. The bottom line is to just try and add fruits and vegetables to your diet if you havenít already. And if you have, to keep eating them and eat as much of them as you can.


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