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Author Topic: A Healthier You By The Use Of Visualization  (Read 7116 times)

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A Healthier You By The Use Of Visualization
« on: April 08, 2020, 03:14:12 PM »

With all the technology we have on the market, is it true that we can use visualization and "think" ourselves healthier?

First let's look at the benefits of visualizations as used in exercising. Visualization tools can help with exercise techniques and in the way of working of muscles. Many researchers have said that the use visualization helps those that muscles you will be working. Visualization provides those muscles with a better sense of preparedness for the "strain" they will endure. What images do you need to visualize in order for this to work. The images can be different things and range from different scenarios depending on the person doing the visualization. For example, visual images and pictures might be helpful visualization for one person, whereas the use of how the body may feel (Kinesthetic) can be better suited for another. Some people even using hearing the roar of the crowd as their visualizations tool to prepare themselves. It is thought by some that mental rehearsal of both the mind and the body one can train to actually perform the skill that they are visualization.

Secondly using visualization as a form of mediating can help you relieve stress and feel a sense of calmness. By purely taken several deep breathes, closing your eyes, and visualization that you are in a relaxing environment can help you be relaxed. Visualization works well here by allowing your mind to imagine the scene, the smells, and the feeling that you will encounter if you actually were at your destination. Learning to use visualizations techniques as a means to provide alternative stress relieves methods, you will gain the imagination needed in visualization.

Now medically, can visualization make you healthier? In a sense it can. By exercise and not having a lot of stress, a person is naturally healthier. So if you combine visualization with your normal activity of stress relievers as well as your exercise routine you are surely to benefit from the rewards of being healthier. Visualization does provide some great ways to be healthy and stay fit.


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