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Author Topic: At Home Hair Removal: Techniques To Use Part One  (Read 10383 times)

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At Home Hair Removal: Techniques To Use Part One
« on: August 14, 2020, 01:53:04 PM »

You can successfully remove unwanted hair from your body from home.  If you have thought about products that are overly expensive, laser treatments as well as unsightly treatments, then you may not need to.  There are many at home remedies that actually can help you. 

Tips For Shaving

For Men:  One of the best places to shave is the shower.  The goal is to soften the skin which will help the hair to stand up enough for you to get a close shave.  You can also take full advantage of the many products available including gels and creams.  To help, make sure that you use a good quality razor and that you keep it clean and dry between uses.  This will help you to keep cuts to a minimum.  Afterwards, rinse with cold water and if you like use an after shave. 

For The Ladies:  Just like the men, there are many things that you can do to improve the quality of your shave.  For example, if you hold the razor at the right angle you will get a closer shave.  Softening the skin with warm water, lotions or shaving gels can also help.  If you would like to cut the costs, use conditioner instead of these creams.  It can do the same job for much less of the cost.  You can shave any area of the body, with most women shaving their legs and underarms about twice per week or more depending on the need.

Tweezing:  Another Option

Using clean tweezers, you can easily pluck away stray hairs or shape the eyebrow.  You should not use them on nose hairs, though as it can cause an infection.  To do so, pull the hair in the same direction as it grows.  You have no need for creams as these can block pores.  In most cases, you can go about two weeks between tweezing sessions.

Depilatories:  Another Option

Here, you’ll want to make sure that you take the time to follow the directions provided on the containers of depilatories.  You need to insure you are not allergic and you need to insure that you pay close attention to the time frame.  If you leave these products on too long or use them when you should not, you are likely to suffer from a rash or burn.  You can use these about every other month to your desired results.  You’ll want to try to use them after you have taken a shower or bath so that the hair is soft and easily removed.

These options for at home hair removal are options that you can easily do and benefit from.  Take the time to learn a little bit more about them, purchase the products needed and get rid of unwanted hair.


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