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Author Topic: Remedial Massage Therapy  (Read 9880 times)

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Remedial Massage Therapy
« on: October 30, 2020, 11:08:07 AM »

Are you suffering from occasional migranes due to your stiff neck?

Are you having back ache problems due to long hours at the computer and no time to exercise?

Are you having muscle aches and have problems even lying down to sleep?

Instead of resorting to drugs and medication, a good alternative to try is remedial massage therapy.  Remedial massage is a holistic treatment; that is, a treatment for the whole of the body, as well as the area being treated. 

Remedial massage uses several specialized skills to locate and repair damage and speed up the bodyís repair mechanism. A professional remedial massage therapist has to draw on his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, related pathology and the techniques of Swedish massage, heat and cold therapies, Kinesthetics and many other related fields for a complete treatment.

Also, the professional massage therapist will use information about your lifestyle, being your food diet, exercise regime, medical history, etc. for diagnosis.

Remedial massage can involve gentle to strong strokes as well as shallow to deep strokes.  It works on the fact that soft muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia is responsive to touch.  Sensitive points in the muscles often refer to pain in other parts of the body.   For instance, headaches may originate from muscles in the neck and pelvic pains can be caused by certain areas in the abdominal and pelvic area.  Remedial massage helps to stimulate blood flow in these areas, thus reducing pain, swelling and pain, and speeding up the bodyís natural healing process.

Remedial massage is one of the most effective and natural treatment for stress related conditions.  Balance is ultimately restored to your body system when your body parts are functioning optimally. You feel a sense of renewal and more energized that ever before!


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