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Author Topic: aromatherapy Massage  (Read 7025 times)

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aromatherapy Massage
« on: October 01, 2018, 02:01:22 PM »

Aromatherapy is the holistic and traditional system of treatment which has been resulting proven from long time back. It is brought into action by application of Essential Oil in a mix of carrier oil to provide relief to patient from almost all diseases. It can give relaxation to a person from tension and stress of mind and body. When the highly concentrated Essential Oil in carrier oil is diluted and applied to patient body through techniques of massage then it provides the magical treatment to mind and body of patient. So to bring the magic of aromatherapy into action and to transform the theories into reality and facts proper massage is basic requirement. So some knowledge about massage is also essential.

What is Massage?
Massage is to touch the body with the intention of relieving the pain. The most important thing is to remember while giving a massage is let your instinct be your guide. You should have an aim to relief the body of patient from tension, stress and pain. So Massage should be given with purity of heart and honesty. Your body and mind should be free from tension and stress while giving a massage otherwise it is possible that you may transmit your tension and stress to receiver body. To cure most emotional and physical problems regular massage session are necessary which can bring dramatic changes to both mind and body. It is said that magic of massage is a gift because the ability to give a magical massage without training is a gift and some people are born with this gift. But those who are not born with this gift can extend their skills and learn this magic so that massage can become an integral part of their life.

How can one learn magic of massage?
When one is desirous of mastering the art and wishes to help someone feel better. Put your ego aside and listen to what the receiver body is telling you. Let your instincts guide your hands as you fill your being with love and allow your compassion to flow from you to the receiver. When you function with purely instinctual basis, you are automatically in touch with those magical forces that allow you to sense things which normally escape your awareness. A person giving massage to another person should also take care of following things like he should be free from any tension and stress. He should not be suffering from any disease. If this is so that the person giving massage to another person is suffering from cold hen there are possibilities that he will transfer his own problems to receiver body and receiver will be sicker. A physically and mentally sound person can only give effective massage if he knows the art of massage.


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