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Author Topic: Quiz Your Relationship- Is It Happy And Healthy  (Read 11376 times)

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Quiz Your Relationship- Is It Happy And Healthy
« on: April 05, 2019, 07:06:42 AM »

We are social animals. We need to relate to others for various reasons; we cannot exist alone happily. We need others to compare, share, give and take and feel together. We make relationships primarily to satisfy our emotional and physical needs. What about the health of the relationship? Is your relationship happy and healthy?

In healthy relationship, both the partners are themselves. They keep that freedom with themselves. Freedom is a very important aspect. In a relationship that involves abuse, the abuser takes this freedom away. That is why any abuse makes the relationship very unhealthy.

We think about the concerns of our partner in a healthy relationship. It is not dictatorial. Every decision that we take is done with consensus and care is taken to check that other partners interests and preferences are respected fully. Our concern for our partner makes the relationship fulfilling.

In the two way process, we make some demands from our partner. They are reasonable to the extent that our demands do not crush the others spirit and values. Sometimes, a partner wants a relationship that demands that the other partner give up all his/her values. That will never do any good to the relationship. That will make the relationship very unhealthy.

Desire to relate - Unless we get attracted to each other and have genuine affection and care for each other, everything else is of no use. The relationship must have that love and affection to begin with. Without that one cannot talk and be open in communication with the other partner. Without that initial love, no relationship will begin.


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